[TOOL][AROMA] MTK Nvram Tool Backup & Restore

Hello there,
I’m introducing a new tool for MTK(Mediatek) Based phones to those who are messing with invalid IMEI & WIFI MAC error. Mtk Nvram Tool is a Aroma Installer based script. Can only run through custom recovery. This tool can backup your current nvram(IMEI+WIFI MAC) folder from data partition to external sdcard & can restore it in any ROM. This is useful when wiping data partition. I hope you enjoy.

*Note: This is a backup & restore tool. To fix Invalid IMEI & WIFI MAC backup required so do a backup first  external sdcard required 


  • Based on Aroma Installer 2.56
  • Aroma installer Sense theme
  • Simple UI


  • Download MTK Nvram Tool
  • Copy downloaded zip into Sdcard
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Choose install zip from Sdcard
  • Select MTK Nvram Tool
  • Done
Vijay jaiswal

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